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Good Health and Quality of Life Begin With Good Nutrition

Fresh from Farm to Fork

Meet The Crew

Shane & Christine Hampshire and Family

The Hampshire family raises cattle and kids on their ranch near Leiter, WY where Clear Creek twists and turns through irrigated hay meadows and native grass pastures for grazing cattle stretch beyond.  


The land the family and livestock utilize are where Christine and Shane both grew up and now their 4 children are the 5th generation to be raised with agriculture roots.  

We try to hang onto valuable lessons learned doing things the “good old ways” from our parents and grandparents while striving to always learn and utilize new information and resources available. 


Frequently Asked Questions


"When we saw a break in the availability of that industrial food last year that impacted the entire nation, we saw how really vulnerable it is at times. We have a more secure source of food when we invest in local, ethically sourced foods"

- Christine Hampshire

“Christine was absolutely amazing to work with! The meat all came packaged very professionally and the small personal touch of a custom thank you card was a great added bonus. Christine even delivered to Gillette for us! My husband and I both agree the roast we had was one of the best we’ve EVER had and the ribeyes were perfection. The quality of burger we received from Cross E was awesome…the difference in taste and quality of store bought ground beef versus Cross E’s ground beef doesn’t even compare. We highly recommend this wonderful family’s business!!!”

- Christie Barker

"I love the meat from Cross E Dairy & Beef! The quality is way better than what I can buy at the market, and the prices are comparable. The beef is a rich dark red, and the fat content is minimal, so I don't have to reheat the meat before I eat it to remove the white fat that accumulated while it was in the refrigerator, and it doesn't leave the fat that cakes onto the bottom of the container.

I put my dogs on a carnivore diet to reduce their allergies, and you wouldn't believe the dancing and barking when I prepare their Cross E Dairy & Beef food. Cross E gets 12 paws up!

Delivery is always on time and with a smile. The meat is frozen when it arrives - I've never had a problem with defrosted meat."

- Nolcha Fox

"What’s better, the beef or the customer service? I couldn’t tell you, they’re both amazing. Wonderful flavor & great color on the beef, and Christine is so sweet and accommodating! Definitely will be looking for more product in the future."

- Meriel Aho


Stay In Touch


Phone: 307-751-3127

Thanks for reaching out!

Be sure to know the condition of your flocks and give careful attention to your herds.

Proverbs 27:33

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