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Ranch Raised Beef & Milk

Fresh From Farm to Fork

Call, text, email to order and for product availability.

Cross E products also available at:

Cross E Freedom Foods, 106 S Main Sheridan, Wy
Open Tues-Fri 10-6 and Sat 10-4


Half Beef

Cut Your Way!

The most economical way to purchase beef, calculating at the best price per pound.  We will help you navigate the cut sheet to get just what you like for your style of meals.  

Yield will be approximately 200 pounds  
This will consist of approximately 

100 lbs ground beef

35 lbs steaks

40 lbs roasts 

Custom Package

Don't Have Room In Your Freezer?

Have a smaller freezer and budget to work with?  Let us make a smaller custom package for you.  Just ask!  We will make a combination package of your favorite beef cuts.  
Here’s an example:
12# ground beef
1 package 1/3 pound hamburger patties 
4 steaks- Rib, TBone or New York (your choice)
2 package sirloin steak 
2 packages cube steak
1 roast


Individual Cuts

Ground Beef 90/10  $6/lb 
Hamburger Patties  $6.50/lb 
Chuck and Sirloin tip roasts $8/lb
TBone, Rib and New York Steaks  $16/lb 
Tenderloins/Filet steaks  $18/lb 
Sirloin and Sirloin tip steaks  $9/lb 
Cube steak  $6/lb 
Short ribs, traditional cut or Flanken/Korean style  $6.50lb 
Stew meat  $6/lb 
Meaty soup bones $4/lb
London Broil  $6/lb 
Brisket  $7/lb 
Liver & Heart $3/lb

Beef jerky $10/lb

Snack sticks $10/package

summer sausage $10/package

Brauts $9/lb

Raw Milk & Yogurt

Half gallon $6 plus jar deposit
Yogurt $5 

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