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Raw Milk - The Superfood Your Body Is Craving

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Raw milk is unpasteurized and unhomogenized, unaltered and straight from the cow.

Our bodies are designed to consume raw milk dairy products. This is evident by the difficulties many commonly experience digesting processed dairy products. Even the FDA recognizes commercial dairy products as the most allergenic food.

Raw milk contains:



amino acids


CLA – conjugated linoleic acid



beneficial bacteria- both probiotics and the prebiotics (oligosaccharides) they need to thrive in a healthy gut!

“If it were possible to secure pure, fresh milk direct from absolutely healthy cows there would be no necessity for pasteurization. If it were possible to obtain a milk supply from clean stable after a careful process of milking, to have transportation to the city in clean and closed vessels, then pasteurization would be unnecessary.” Nathan Straus, largely responsible for widespread introduction of pasteurization


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